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 Collaborators Wanted



The Dama International Project open to new collaborations. If you are interested in providing archaeological samples of fallow deer bone for destructive analysis, specifically for isotopic and genetic research, please email



We are very keen to hear from anyone who knows of, or has access to:


1)      Material from Mediterranean islands (any date)

2)      Specimens dating to the Iron Age or Roman period (any region)

3)      Medieval and post-medieval specimens (outside of Britain)


All data deriving from analysis will be provided to those submitting samples and all assistance will be duly acknowledged.  If results are significant enough for stand-alone publication, the submitter would also be included as co-author on the paper.




The analysis of osteometric data from fallow deer from across Europe represents a key line of enquiry for the project. The help of the zooarchaeological community is required to generate the necessary dataset. We would be very grateful to anyone who can provide us with fallow deer metrics from anywhere in Europe and from any period (including modern individuals). You can provide us with digital files, which we will upload for you or, if you have small quantities of data, you can register to upload them yourself here





The Dama International team is happy to assist undergraduate or masters or students, from any discipline and institution, who are interested in pursuing research on fallow deer as part of their dissertations. If you would like to work with us please get in touch via email

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