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Fair Game Initiative

Why doesn’t the British public eat much venison when, according to recent government documents, deer are now more numerous than at any time in the last thousand years (thanks to burgeoning numbers of fallow deer and other introduced deer species)?


Dama International staff have asked this question to lots of people and the replies are similar: venison is expensive; a food of Michelin star restaurants or for those posh people who ride around the landscape cruelly shooting deer. For years we were of the same opinion (several of us are vegetarian) but our work on Dama International and the knowledge it has given us of deer management, both past and present, has changed our attitudes.


We believe that our arts and humanities research can help to address the ethical and environmental problems of Britain’s deer and so we have launched The Fair Game Initiative. This outreach programme seeks to engage the public with the facts about deer management and the many benefits of wild venison. At a time when locally sourced, seasonal, healthy and ethical foods are at the top of consumers’ wish-lists, wild venison ticks every box – you don’t get a more free-range and ‘happy’ meat than wild venison!


The Fair Game Initiative, showcased on the BBCs Great British Food Revival in October 2012, will continue beyond the lifespan of Dama International.


You can read more about our work here Fair Game.pdf


You can find recipes here (and send us your own recipe ideas!)


Photos, and a link to a time-lapse film, from an event that we held at the University of Nottingham Samworth Academy can be found here


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